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Silka 2/56


70% cashmere | 30% seta / pettinato

Cash 2/56


100% cashmere / pettinato

Technical specifications



Utilization: 1 thread on fineness 18 and 16; 2 threads on fineness 12. By making the necessary adjustments, 1 thread on fineness 12 is also possible.
Finishing: After a pre-pressing, a mild washing cycle in water at 30°C is advised. Drying should be made at a moderate temperature. Pass it on the press machine in order to flatten the surfaces of the garment properly and proceed with hand iron. An alternative to washing in water is dry cleaning. Besides the generic instructions it is advisable to personalize the type of finishing on the basis of the machine used, on the type of stitching and the thickness of the garment.
Warning: For striped garments request colour fastness specifically for stripes. 
Product: Made in Italy

Stock service: 90 colours for SILKA 2/56 only Colour card for CASH 2/56 and colours as per sample: dyeing minimum quantity 3 kg per colour Delivery: by express courier
Ask for colour card